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We have had the privilege of working with these wonderful individuals on choreography and in dance fitness classes. For more reviews please find us on Yelp by clicking on this Yelp link OR typing in "Bollywood Dance & Fitness with Richa" in the Yelp search box.

"BollyX is a much appreciated hour each week for me.  The music is fun and varied.  BollyX arm movements are different from Zumba, Bellyfit, Tap, or Jazzercise.  One works up a sweat while challenging the brain.  It’s great fun for various fitness levels. I love it."

Joanne, Pasadena

"Richa and her music and workout is a total blast."

Anju, Fullerton, CA

"The music and dance sequences in Bollywood movies bring me such joy that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try a low-impact BollyX cardio dance class offered by the senior center in Pasadena, California, taught by the terrific Richa Jauhari. So much fun! I'm fairly certain there's a wide grin plastered on my face throughout. Couched in that fun is the exercise bonus of sustained cardio, body toning, as well as a brain workout coordinating movements. All done in a way that's body-friendly to those of us who have a few decades of wear. I was drawn to BollyX for the exercise, dance, music, and fun. What I didn't know is there's also this wonderful and inclusive BollyX community across North America! So cool!!! I'm hooked and looking forward to more classes & events."

Carol, Pasadena

"My daughter, Lisa, took a high impact Bolly X class with instructor, Richa, and raved about the work out, then excitedly introduced me to Richa and the Bolly X low impact class.  I am now hooked to this low impact Bolly X classes.  Bolly X low impact is a great fun and enjoyable way for seniors to get some fun exercise and keep fit.  In this Bolly X class I love dancing/exercising to the Indian music, which is lively, fun, and easy to follow the rhythm.  At the start of each exercise/routine, our instructor,  Richa, breaks down the steps, movement, and technique.  The routine is consistent, and no pressure is put on us to master it.  We follow direction without stopping as we dance/exercise. We can modify the steps, movements to fit our ability or fitness level.  Bolly X low impact is unique in that with this type of exercise we get our hearts pumping, while at the same time having fun using all parts of our body- shimmy shoulders, extending arms and legs, curl fingers, wrists movements, swaying hips and waist and expressing ourselves as we dance to a routine.  I feel that the more I do a particular routine, the more I can add another move to make it a bit challenging.  For example,  I do a jump in place of toe tap, and to add more hip movement to a routine.  It is exciting to go from low impact to a bit of high impact move.  Also great at the Bolly X class is the comradery before and after classes.  We all feel great at having fun trying out new steps, being able to follow Richa's direction, and dancing without stopping. I finally found an exercise that I really like.   I look forward to my Bolly X low impact each week.  I highly recommend it to all.

Most of all, our Bolly X instructor, Richa, is very encouraging, motivating, dynamic and supportive of us in taking this Bolly X low impact classes. 

Sue, Los Angeles

"Love your upper body, arms and lower body targeted moves!"

Andie, Pasadena, CA

"I love the class…I realized how much fun I was missing all this time so please count me to be a permanent student in your class."

Anita, Arcadia, CA

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